Role 4 Initiative Set of 7 Dice with Arch D4 Diffusion Paladins Oath with Symbol

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This set of 7 dice is part of R4I's Classes & Creatures collection which has a thematic color design representing an iconic RPG character class and includes Arch'd4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and Balance'd20. This Special Reserve edition of Paladin's Oath - Special Reserve also features class symbols on the d20 and d8 to further emphasize the class's characteristics. Role 4 Initiative high-quality dice average about 25% larger than traditional dice and come in a plastic display box. The Arch'd4 is a uniquely shaped die that features large top-face numbers and is easier to read, pick up, and roll. The Balance'd20 has a unique arrangement of numbers so that any 5 adjacent sides add to either 52 or 53 to ensure the most even distribution of outcomes.

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