Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

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Get everything you need to adventure in the Forgotten Realms on the exciting Sword Coast, home to the cities of Baldur鈥檚 Gate, Waterdeep, and Neverwinter. Crafted by the scribes at Green Ronin in conjunction with the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast, the聽Sword Coast Adventurer鈥檚 Guide聽provides D&D fans with a wealth of detail on the places, cultures, and deities of northwestern Faer没n.

The聽Sword Coast Adventurer鈥檚 Guide聽is also a great way to catch up on recent events in the Forgotten Realms, to get background on locations featured in the Rage of Demons storyline coming in September, and to learn the lore behind video games like聽Neverwinter聽and聽Sword Coast Legends.

Here are just a few of the features you鈥檒l find in the聽Sword Coast Adventurer鈥檚 Guide:

路聽Immersive Adventuring:聽This campaign sourcebook provides players and Dungeon Masters material for creating vibrant fantasy stories along the Sword Coast.

路聽New Character Options:聽The book offers new subclass options, such as the Purple Dragon Knight and the Swashbuckler, for many of the classes presented in the聽Player鈥檚 Handbook, as well as new subraces and backgrounds specific to the Forgotten Realms.

路聽Adventure in the Forgotten Realms:Discover the current state of the Forgotten Realms and its deities after the Spellplague and the second Sundering. You鈥檒l also get updated maps of this area of the Realms.

路聽Compatible with Rage of Demons storyline:聽Make characters for use with the聽Out of the Abyss聽adventure and fight back the influence of the demon lords in the Underdark below the Sword Coast.

路聽Insider Information:聽Learn the background behind locations, such as Luskan and Gracklstugh, featured in the upcoming digital RPG,Sword Coast Legends, from n-Space.

With new character backgrounds and class options, players will love the storytelling possibilities of playing a noble of Waterdeep, an elf bladesinger, or one of the other new options, while Dungeon Masters will relish a book full of mysterious locations and story hooks to keep players adventuring on the Sword Coast for years to come.

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