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Death is not an escape.

The hit asymmetric survival horror game comes to tabletop! Take on the role of a ruthless killer or a resourceful survivor as you navigate the sinister trials.

As a Survivor, plot your moves, coordinate with your allies, and repair generators to power the exit and escape.

As a Killer, anticipate the survivors’ movements and hunt them down to sacrifice on the Entity’s sacrificial hooks. The base game contains seven Survivors and six Killers, each with their own unique mechanics and styles of play.

- Play as 7 resourceful Survivors and 6 ruthless Killers in this strategic contest of wits.
- Two different maps to explore, each with different strategies and features.
- Highly detailed miniatures bring the game to life on your table.
- Use props, perks, powers, and items to eke out an advantage and survive the trials.


  • 7 Survivor ID boards
  • 7 Survivor minis
  • 6 Killer ID boards
  • 6 Killer minis
  • 44 Prop tiles
  • 4¬†Breakable wall props
  • 12 Sacrifice progress tokens
  • 25 Generator progress tokens
  • 1st¬†Players marker
  • 1 Entity token
  • 40 Bloodpoint tokens
  • 4 Bear trap tokens
  • 4 Madness tokens
  • 7 Phantasm tokens
  • 4 Skill check dice
  • 1 Danger dice
  • 4 Wounds rings
  • 1 Double sided¬†gameboard
  • 28 Survivor perk cards
  • 24 Killer perk cards
  • 16 Item cards
  • 21 Movement cards

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