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DESIGNER: Sophia Wagner

PUBLISHER: Spielwise/Stronghold


AGES:  12 and up

TIME: 70 to 120 minutes

TIMES PLAYED: 4, with a copy I purchased

Gimmicks in games can be a mixed bag; a fancy timer or cool apparatus can add to the game, but they can also be disguising a game flaw – putting lipstick on a pig is the phrase that comes to mind. The wheel in Noria is not what drew me to it – and in fact it made me a little wary – but I was intrigued by the idea of manipulating actions. Besides, what’s one more game when your luggage is rapidly approaching its weight limit? (In this case a few pounds, since it has so many bits.)

In Noria, players are explorers, discovering new flying islands. Players are also scientists, developing technologies, and merchants, buying ships to sell the things they develop. They are also lobbyists, trying to influence politicians to support their developments.

There is a central board shared by all players as well as a stack of flying islands. There are knowledge tokens, resources, goods, ships and warehouses as well as wooden cubes.

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