Throne of Eldraine - Planeswalker Deck (Rowan)

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Set: Throne of Eldraine Sealed
Release Date: 2019-10-04
As the daughter of a king, Rowan has trained extensively in both swordsmanship an etiquette---but she greatly prefers to solve her problems with a blade. Marshal an army of noble knights and assault your opponent with military precision.


• 1 Deck box
• A 60-card deck---play tabletop or online!
• 2 MTG Booster Packs
• 1 Strategy insert
• 2 reference cards


Planeswalker (1)
1 Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage

Creature (27)
2 Youthful Knight
1 Acclaimed Contender
1 Giant Killer
2 Rowan's Stalwarts
2 Ardenvale Tactician
2 Knight of the Keep
2 Prized Griffin
2 Venerable Knight
3 Rimrock Knight
1 Weaselback Redcap
2 Inspiring Veteran
4 Garrison Griffin
3 Rowan's Battleguard

Sorcery (2)
2 Joust

Instant (3)
3 Scorching Dragonfire

Artifact (2)
2 Weapon Rack

Land (25)
4 Wind-Scarred Crag
11 Plains
10 Mountain

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